When Mitsuhiro comes back to overseas events?

Jan 4th Update:
I’ll not go out to the overseas events while your country is indicated as Level 3 or 4. I would consider if the Level is 2 or 1. Still, please provide a detailed summary about the process for the roundtrip about PCR test, Vaccine Passport, force or self-isolations, and the other restrictions about both entering your country and back to Japan before sending me an inquiry. Even If your country is not so serious, there are still many restrictions for overseas travel today.

The world map image directly displaying form Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s web site and showing today’s situation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (mofa.go.jp)

Measures to restrict entry of Japanese nationals and travelers from Japan into countries and regions related to the new coronavirus and conditions and restrictions on entry into Japan


COVID-19 Information – U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Japan (usembassy.gov)

海外安全ホームページ: 危険・スポット・広域情報 (mofa.go.jp)

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