13-21 July: Mitsuhiro Arita Live Drawing Event in Hawaii

Date: 13-22 July, 2024
Place: Honolulu, Hawaii

We may add some extra spots based on the demand. If you want to join, please get in touch with the Aloha Card Shop.
Aloha Card Shop

Special events on the 17th
9 AM- 12 PM: Live Streaming
5:30 PM- 7 PM: Live Demonstration at the center stage of Ala Moana Cente

I added samples of sketches below.

  1. The sketch will be drawn inside the cover of my sketchbook, “GOUACHE.” It’s a 5-7 min quick drawing based on my inspiration.
  2. There is an upgrade option. You can choose a Shikishi or Blank Comic Cover for the sketch with this option. It’s a 10-15min drawing with the shading with Copic marker. Also, you can give me five words to suggest. However, please ensure this is not a commission, so I can only commit to following some of your inspirational words.

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