2020 Mitsuhiro Arita Art Tour in the U.S.

[ update] The event on March 5th had changed to 6th.

Hi all,

Five years ago, I started attending overseas events because there were a lot of requests to meet me, and I also want to introduce myself as an artist. I love to attend comic conventions of course, but in the last a few years, I usually have a long line at my booth, so it’s becoming hard to talk and doing commissions in front of the guests. Also, I think it’s becoming to be hard to come to meet me specially for young people.

So, I started a free event at the educational facilities like libraries. I’m thankful for the organizers in Collective Con and Ocala Comic Con. They always gave me the freedom and help me to do it.

This year, I got a chance to have an art tour in the U.S.
I’m looking forward to see you in your town.

*If you have a question, only Collective Con, Pokemon Salt-Lake City Regional Championships, and Morikami Museum will reply for you.
*The schools will make a web page about the event. Please wait and don’t try to get contact with them.



  • 27th At a university / 6-8 p.m. / closed




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