July 25-28: San Diego Comic Con 2024

Date: July 25-28, 2024
Place: San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Booth #4807

I am thrilled to attend SDCC, widely regarded as the pinnacle of pop culture conventions. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Sakai and his IP Usagi Yojimbo, illustrating covers that have opened many doors for me in the comic book industry. I have several covers coming out with Marvel, and my first TMNT cover will debut at the convention.” 

-Mitsuhiro Arita
Legendary Japanese Artist Mitsuhiro Arita Announces First Comic-Con Appearance (screenrant.com)

I’ll attend SDCC 2024 to promote Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo: The Crow.
If you have a question, ask Dogu-Pablishing.

Event Art Card 06 will be available at SDCC24. These A5-size cards, 300 serialized limited and common, are sold only at the events.

I’ll take 5+ min sketch requests. The subject is 100% based on my preference and inspiration. The reference is below.

I will also take 15-minute sketch requests. It’s not a commission, but you can give me five inspirational words. The sketch is usually shaded with a Copic marker.


**Dogu-Publishing manages this participation.
**At the booth, you can purchase products from our company, 312STUDIO Inc. The reference that you can expect is below.

8/26 板描! 銘木ライブドローイング

場所:京都・SHIKI second site ベラシティハウス
日時:2024年8月26日 朝9時開場 (1〜2時間を予定)

明治時代から製材業として山の伐採そして製材から建築まで手がけてきた有限会社志木が事業転換して営んでおられる銘木カフェ SHIHKI。京都府井手町玉水駅前賑やかしの一貫として銘木を使ったライブドローイングを行います。

現在も販売されている銘木(めずらしい木。ノコギリの歯が立たないような南洋の木材なども取り扱われているそうです)を展示する銘木ギャラリーに併設されたSHIKI second site ベラシティハウス で実施の予定です。


ART CARDs by Mitsuhito Arita

What is the ART CARD?

ART CARD is Mitsuhiro Arita’s original merchandise: A5-sized prints on heavyweight paper. You can purchase them at events. Currently, there are two major series named Animals in Suits and JIDAI. Both are collections of a series of gouache paintings. Only the Animals in Suits is sold at the online store in a 15-page booklet style, but all of the Animals in Suits and JIDAI cards and some of the secret cards are sold only at the events.

Event ART CARD Project

The ART CARDS have become popular since its debut. People frame and display them on the wall. Even some people send them to the grading company. So, Mitsuhiro decided to create a series of memorial ART CARD for each event. It is the Event ART CARD.
It will be created every time Mitsuhiro appears at an event. The artwork will be newly drawn, and the subjects will be based on his original fantasy world. There are two variants:

  • LIMITED: Sold exclusively at the specific event. They have an EDITION MARK, are serialized, and signed by the artist’s hand, usually limited to 300 sheets.
  • COMMON: Sold only at events.

All the Event ART CARD will SOLD ONLY AT THE EVENT unless Mitsuhiro quits the event appearance.


  • #01 released at TRA CON in Melbourne, Australia
  • #02 will be released at Paris Manga #34 in Paris, France
  • #03 OkOk 2023 in Oslo, Norway
  • #04 Hawaii Pop Con in Honolulu, USA
  • #05 Le Gala Germany 2024 in Cologne, Germany
  • #06 Le Gala Paris 2024 in Paris, France

I would like to release at least twelve cards.

13-21 July: Mitsuhiro Arita Live Drawing Event in Hawaii

Date: 13-22 July, 2024
Place: Honolulu, Hawaii

We may add some extra spots based on the demand. If you want to join, please get in touch with the Aloha Card Shop.
Aloha Card Shop

Special events on the 17th
9 AM- 12 PM: Live Streaming
5:30 PM- 7 PM: Live Demonstration at the center stage of Ala Moana Cente

I added samples of sketches below.

  1. The sketch will be drawn inside the cover of my sketchbook, “GOUACHE.” It’s a 5-7 min quick drawing based on my inspiration.
  2. There is an upgrade option. You can choose a Shikishi or Blank Comic Cover for the sketch with this option. It’s a 10-15min drawing with the shading with Copic marker. Also, you can give me five words to suggest. However, please ensure this is not a commission, so I can only commit to following some of your inspirational words.

17th July: Live Drawing at Ala Moana Mall

Date: 17th July
Time: 5:30 PM- 7:00 PM
Place: Center stage of Ala Moana Mall

The Ala Moana Mall is the largest open-air shopping center in the United States, with over 290 stores. The mall is also home to a variety of restaurants, cafes, and other businesses.