ART CARDs by Mitsuhito Arita

What is the ART CARD?

ART CARD is Mitsuhiro Arita’s original merchandise: A5-sized prints on heavyweight paper. You can purchase them at events. Currently, there are two major series named Animals in Suits and JIDAI. Both are collections of a series of gouache paintings. Only the Animals in Suits is sold at the online store in a 15-page booklet style, but all of the Animals in Suits and JIDAI cards and some of the secret cards are sold only at the events.

Event ART CARD Project

The ART CARDS have become popular since its debut. People frame and display them on the wall. Even some people send them to the grading company. So, Mitsuhiro decided to create a series of memorial ART CARD for each event. It is the Event ART CARD.
It will be created every time Mitsuhiro appears at an event. The artwork will be newly drawn, and the subjects will be based on his original fantasy world. There are two variants:

  • LIMITED: Sold exclusively at the specific event. They have an EDITION MARK, are serialized, and signed by the artist’s hand, usually limited to 300 sheets.
  • COMMON: Sold only at events.

All the Event ART CARD will SOLD ONLY AT THE EVENT unless Mitsuhiro quits the event appearance.


  • #01 released at TRA CON in Melbourne
  • #02 will be released at Paris Manga #34 in Paris, France
  • #03 OkOk 2023 in Oslo, Norway

I would like to release at least twelve cards.

Jan 20-21: Le Gala Germany

Le Gara Germany Exclusive ART CARD #05 will be available. You can choose from 300 LIMITED Seriarized or Common with the signature.
Mitsuhiro will do a live demonstration stage on both days and will auction them after the event.

Date: January 20-22, 2024
Time: 10:15 – 17:00
Le Gala Germany
Don’t contact Mitsuhiro about this event.

8/27 専門学校日本デザイナー学院ライブペイント

– 現地観覧。配信視聴あり。
– 終了後30分スケッチブック閲覧あり(現地のみ)



24 Aug: Presentation and Demonstration in Melbourne

Date: Thursday, 24 August 2023
Time: 4:30-6:30 pm

  • Mitsuhiro’s diverse works will be shown.
  • Mitsuhiro will do a small watercolor demonstration. The finished piece will be auctioned after he gets back to Japan.
  • Free entry: 30 people capacity limit
  • Last chance to purchase Mitsuhiro’s merchandise directly.
  •  Only children under 12 can get a sign on one personal item.

*If you have a question, please ask the organizer.