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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. About purchasing Original Artwork and Official Items.
  2. Blocking policy
  3. About Commission.
  4. Please don’t ask me about future plans or behind stories of a specific title.
  5. Please don’t ask me about the upcoming event schedules individually.
  6. Mitsuhiro does nothing outside the event, including any service via mail.
  7. Please don’t ask me to connect you to the company or person.
  8. Mitsuhiro isn’t a Card Grader or Re-seller.
  9. Facebook friend request.
  10. About Crowdfunding Campaign

*This post would change sometimes.

  • About purchasing Original Artwork and Official items.
    Please subscribe to the newsletter at the store!
  • About Commission
    I’m not opening the commission slot for now. When I have time and open the commission slot, I’ll announce through the newsletter on my store.
    However, your rate is the same or higher to commission from companies, I’ll consider it as a job offer not a personal commission. In this case please send me an Email with #commission in the title of it.
    NOTE: I can’t draw any Pokémon characters as a person. If you have a job request related with Pokémon, jump to the last item.
  • Please don’t ask me about upcoming events schedule individually
    The newsletter will keep you informed about Mitsuhiro Arita, including future events.
    If you want to bring me to the event in your region, please suggest to the event organizers to have me.
  • When Mitsuhiro come back to overseas events?
    I will come back to participate in overseas events when the governments of Japan and the other country announce that there are no special restrictions or demands.
  • Mitsuhiro does nothing outside the event, including any service via mail.
    I’m not allowed to do signing to the Pokemon Cards via mail. Please note that the donation from Ko-fi is not the fee to do something.
    If you are interested in purchasing something from me, check my store.
    I also will not hang out with anybody except friends.
  • Please don’t ask me connect you to the company or a person.
    I’m just a freelance artist. I don’t have the power to help you to get a job. I wouldn’t connect you to other artists or somebody because I don’t know anything about you.
    I’ll ignore anything about those inquiries.
  • Mitsuhiro isn’t a Grader or Re-seller.
    Some people ask me about something is real or fake? or valuable or not? I’m not doing judging and grading. However, I saw many fakes these days. If you don’t like to get fakes, please come to the events and get directly from me.
    In addition, I’m not planning to sell the samples I got.
  • Facebook friend request
    I have an artist page MITSUHIRO ARITA ARTIST on Facebook. I can use business suites to organize the messages if you will be a follow and message me as a follower of that page. Please follow that page.

8/27 専門学校日本デザイナー学院ライブペイント

– 現地観覧。配信視聴あり。
– 終了後30分スケッチブック閲覧あり(現地のみ)



24 Aug: Presentation and Demonstration in Melbourne

Date: Thursday, 24 August 2023
Time: 4:30-6:30 pm

  • Mitsuhiro’s diverse works will be shown.
  • Mitsuhiro will do a small watercolor demonstration. The finished piece will be auctioned after he gets back to Japan.
  • Free entry: 30 people capacity limit
  • Last chance to purchase Mitsuhiro’s merchandise directly.
  •  Only children under 12 can get a sign on one personal item.

*If you have a question, please ask the organizer.