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Lately, I’m losing time replying to inquiries. I’m not rich to hire an assistant, so I’m handling everything myself. If you still have a question after reading this post, please send me some Ko-fi before sending another message. I will give priority to responding to it with how many Ko-fi you sent. Here is the list of the general questions. Answers are after the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. About purchasing Original Artworks and Official Items.
  2. About Commission.
  3. About Crowdfunding Campaign.
  4. Please don’t ask me about upcoming events schedule individually.
  5. When Mitsuhiro come back to overseas events?
  6. Mitsuhiro does nothing outside the event including any service via mail.
  7. Please don’t ask me connect you to the company or person.
  8. Mitsuhiro isn’t a Card Grader or Re-seller.
  9. Facebook friend request.
  10. I’m not customer service of specific company/project

*This post would change sometimes.

  • About purchasing Original Artwork and Official items.
    Please subscribe to the newsletter at the store!
  • About Commission
    I’m not opening the commission slot for now. When I have time and open the commission slot, I’ll announce through the newsletter on my store.
    However, your rate is the same or higher to commission from companies, I’ll consider it as a job offer not a personal commission. In this case please send me an Email with #commission in the title of it.
    NOTE: I can’t draw any Pokémon characters as a person. If you have a job request related with Pokémon, jump to the last item.
  • Please don’t ask me about upcoming events schedule individually
    The newsletter will keep you informed about Mitsuhiro Arita, including future events.
    If you want to bring me to the event in your region, please suggest to the event organizers to have me.
  • When Mitsuhiro come back to overseas events?
    I will come back to participate in overseas events when the governments of Japan and the other country announce that there are no special restrictions or demands.
  • Mitsuhiro does nothing outside the event, including any service via mail.
    I’m not allowed to do signing to the Pokemon Cards via mail. Please note that the donation from Ko-fi is not the fee to do something.
    If you are interested in purchasing something from me, check my store.
    I also will not hang out with anybody except friends.
  • Please don’t ask me connect you to the company or a person.
    I’m just a freelance artist. I don’t have the power to help you to get a job. I wouldn’t connect you to other artists or somebody because I don’t know anything about you.
    I’ll ignore anything about those inquiries.
  • Mitsuhiro isn’t a Grader or Re-seller.
    Some people ask me about something is real or fake? or valuable or not? I’m not doing judging and grading. However, I saw many fakes these days. If you don’t like to get fakes, please come to the events and get directly from me.
    In addition, I’m not planning to sell the samples I got.
  • Facebook friend request
    I have an artist page MITSUHIRO ARITA ARTIST on Facebook. I can use business suites to organize the messages if you will be a follow and message me as a follower of that page. Please follow that page.
  • I’m not customer service of specific company/project
    Here are the contact links.
    The Pokémon Company International
    Creatures Inc.

Raser Kiyo Pro 修理で困っている


配信やビデオミーティングでカメラを毎回セットアップするのが面倒で、据え置き用にRazerのKiyo ProというWeb Camを購入。暗所性能や色のバランスが比較的良く、オートフォーカスが弱い以外は問題なく使用していた。
購入後三度ほどファームウェアのアップデートがあり、毎回オートフォーカスの改善が項目に挙がっていたので満を持してアップデートしようとしたが、うまくいかない。巷の書き込みを調べてみると、ファームウェアアップデートでKiyo Proが使用できなくなったという報告や、Razerのサポートへの批判なども出てきたが、Razerのシェアや利用環境の多様性を考えればそういう報告はあって当然だろうという程度に考えていた。






When Mitsuhiro comes back to overseas events?

I will come back to overseas events when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Foreign Affairs of the destination country announce no restrictions two months advance for the event.

Nov 8th Update:
I think it’s impossible to return to the events in the U.S. in near future at this moment.

Entering to the U.S.

The PCR test will be required in 3-5 days after entry into the U.S. and arranged for self-isolation for 7 days, even if it’s negative. Also, I would have to take the third shot by the end of February to keep proof of vaccination to be valid if the event is after March.
Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (

Returning from the U.S.

There are so many restrictions and requests. Read the details from the link below.
COVID-19 Information – U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Japan (

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (

Measures to restrict entry of Japanese nationals and travelers from Japan into countries and regions related to the new coronavirus and conditions and restrictions on entry into Japan


COVID-19 Information – U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Japan (

About Crowdfunding Campaign

I decided, Basically, I don’t work on the projects that is running as a crowdfunding campaign.

I’ve been getting inquiries to work on the projects that currently running on the crowdfunding campaigns.
As a professional artist, if the budget and conditions are fair, it’s just a job.
But the people running a crowdfunding campaign are not strictly obligated to refund if the project fails.
Pledging to a crowdfunding campaign is like purchasing a dream that could become a reality. Some of them end up remaining dreams.
Also, most people who had been contact me was use my name without agreement.

That’s the reason I decided I will not work for the cloud founding campaign.

Suppose I decide to join a crowdfunding project with people I trust, or run my own crowdfunding campaign. In this case, I will make an official announcement here or in the official store’s newsletter. Please note that even in this case, it only means that I judge the project to be worthwhile for us to venture together. It does not commit you to the success of the project itself.

Please don’t believe any new without my official announcement.

If you are the owner of the crowdfunding projects and seriously would like to have me, I’ll make another post about the screening process and conditions.

If you have a question about this post, please send it as a message from Ko-fi.
See the other answers for the general questions.

About canceling of my involvement in Final Redemption TCG

Maiden & Dragon

Hi all,

I appreciate your continued support.

Last week, the Final Redemption TCG, a Kickstarter campaign currently running, announced that I would be involved in it.

Unfortunately, due to internal issues within the project, we have agreed that I will leave it. I apologize to everyone who had been looking forward to it.

There is no possibility for the draft that was released to become a Card. However, I got permission to finish that draft, make a print of it. Many thanks to the project members who permitted me.

It may take a while, but please subscribe to my online store‘s newsletter if you are interested.

Thank you so much.

Aug 4th, 2021 Mitsuhio

Illustration 229


About this issue of The Illustration Magazine
Illustration 229 –
*All the articles are written in Japanese, but you can read it with Apps has Translate Images function.

I personally corporate with it drawing cover illustration and had a six pages long interview.

Purchasing can ship to other countries, but they seems can’t ship to US and UK.
Here is the direct link.

If you are in the coverage area of Kinokuniya might help you.


If you are in UK, I guess some book stores that selling Japanese books might help you.

Illustration 299 Think about Pokémon Cards from the Illustration Perspective.


This iis not a survey about Signing Event. If you just would like to get a sign, leave from this page immediately..

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Live Online Drawing with Mitsuhiro Arita | Hyper Japan

Saturday, 15th August 2020 

1PM (BST – UK)  
8 AM (EDT – East Coast USA)  
2PM (CEST – Central Europe)  
9PM (JST – Japan) 

HYPER JAPAN YouTube Channel 

The drawing from the stream will be digitised and proceeds will go to supporting the fight against COVID-19.