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Lately, I’m losing time replying to inquiries. I’m not rich to hire an assistant, so I’m handling everything myself. If you still have a question after reading this post, please send me some Ko-fi before sending another message. I will give priority to responding to it with how many Ko-fi you sent. Here is the list of the general questions. Answers are after the list.

  1. About purchasing Official Items and Original Artwork.
  2. Please don’t ask me about upcoming events schedule individually.
  3. When Mitsuhiro come back to overseas events?
  4. Mitsuhiro do nothing outside the event.
  5. Please don’t ask me connect you to the company or person.
  6. Mitsuhiro isn’t a Card Grader or Re-seller.
  7. Mitsuhiro doesn’t have the right to draw Pokemon.

*This post would change sometimes.

  1. About purchasing Original Artwork or Official items.
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  2. Please don’t ask me about upcoming events schedule individually
    The newsletter will keep you informed about Mitsuhiro Arita, including future events.
    If you want to bring me to the event in your region, please suggest to the event organizers to have me.
  3. When Mitsuhiro come back to overseas events?
    I plan to come back to the overseas event when both Japan and the destination country’s governments announce that there are no special limitations and requests to travel.
  4. Mitsuhiro do nothing outside the event.
    Please don’t ask me about any service via mail. I also will not hang out with anybody except friends.
  5. Please don’t ask me connect you to the company or person.
    I’m just a freelance artist. I don’t have the power to help you to get a job. I wouldn’t connect you to other artists or somebody because I don’t know anything about you.
    I’ll ignore anything about those inquiries.
  6. Mitsuhiro isn’t a Grader or Re-seller.
    I can’t judge anything about your collection. Also, I’m not planning to sell the samples I got.
    However, I saw many fakes these days. If you don’t like to get fakes, please come to the events and get directly from me.
  7. Mitsuhiro doesn’t have the right to draw Pokemon as a person.
    If you seriously need it, please contact The Pokémon Company International or Creatures Inc.

Illustration 229


About this issue of The Illustration Magazine
Illustration 229 –
*All the articles are written in Japanese, but you can read it with Apps has Translate Images function.

I personally corporate with it drawing cover illustration and had a six pages long interview.

Purchasing can ship to other countries, but they seems can’t ship to US and UK.
Here is the direct link.

If you are in the coverage area of Kinokuniya might help you.


If you are in UK, I guess some book stores that selling Japanese books might help you.

Illustration 299 Think about Pokémon Cards from the Illustration Perspective.


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Live Online Drawing with Mitsuhiro Arita | Hyper Japan

Saturday, 15th August 2020 

1PM (BST – UK)  
8 AM (EDT – East Coast USA)  
2PM (CEST – Central Europe)  
9PM (JST – Japan) 

HYPER JAPAN YouTube Channel 

The drawing from the stream will be digitised and proceeds will go to supporting the fight against COVID-19. 

2020 Mitsuhiro Arita Art Tour in the U.S.

[update] Last update. All the events after Morikami Museum had cancelled officially.
[update] Due to all the state schools in Florida and Utah was closed, so the events in there were also canceled

Hi all,

Five years ago, I started attending overseas events because there were a lot of requests to meet me, and I also want to introduce myself as an artist. I love to attend comic conventions of course, but in the last a few years, I usually have a long line at my booth, so it’s becoming hard to talk and doing commissions in front of the guests. Also, I think it’s becoming to be hard to come to meet me specially for young people.

So, I started a free event at the educational facilities like libraries. I’m thankful for the organizers in Collective Con and Ocala Comic Con. They always gave me the freedom and help me to do it.

This year, I got a chance to have an art tour in the U.S.
I’m looking forward to see you in your town.

*If you have a question, only Collective Con, Pokemon Salt-Lake City Regional Championships, and Morikami Museum will reply for you. Please note, don’t ask them about other events.
*The schools will make a web page about the event. If you can’t found anything, it means there is no information.



  • 27th At a university / 6-8 p.m. / finished


  • 2nd Comic Artist Talk at UWF / finished
  • 4th Brown Barge Middle School / finished
  • 6th Pensapreneur Kids Drawing Workshop & Live Demo / Pensacola, FL / finished
  • 7th Japanese Art and Culture Day / Pensacola, FL / finished
  • 11th 11 a.m.- Florida International University (FIU) / Miami, FL / Finished
  • 15th 1 p.m.- Morikami Museum / Delray Beach / open
  • 17th 7 p.m.- University of Central Florida (UCF) / Orlando, FL / canceled
  • 20th-22nd Collective Con / Jacksonville, FL / canceled
  • 24th At a high school / closed
  • 25th Florida State University(FSU) / Tallahassee,FL / canceled
  • 26th University of South Florida (USF) /Tampa, FL / canceled
  • 27th 7 p.m.- Eckerd College / St.Petersburg,FL / canceled
  • 30th Snow College / Ephraim, UT / canceled


  • 2nd Weber State University (WSF) /Ogden,UT / canceled
  • 4th-5th 2020 Pokémon Salt Lake City Regional Championships / Salt Lake City, UT / canceled
  • 7th Utah Valley University / Orem, UT / canceled