About Crowdfunding Campaign

I decided, Basically, I don’t work on the projects that is running as a crowdfunding campaign.

I’ve been getting inquiries to work on the projects that currently running on the crowdfunding campaigns.
As a professional artist, if the budget and conditions are fair, it’s just a job.
But the people running a crowdfunding campaign are not strictly obligated to refund if the project fails.
Pledging to a crowdfunding campaign is like purchasing a dream that could become a reality. Some of them end up remaining dreams.
Also, most people who had been contact me was use my name without agreement.

That’s the reason I decided I will not work for the cloud founding campaign.

Suppose I decide to join a crowdfunding project with people I trust, or run my own crowdfunding campaign. In this case, I will make an official announcement here or in the official store’s newsletter. Please note that even in this case, it only means that I judge the project to be worthwhile for us to venture together. It does not commit you to the success of the project itself.

Please don’t believe any new without my official announcement.

If you are the owner of the crowdfunding projects and seriously would like to have me, I’ll make another post about the screening process and conditions.

If you have a question about this post, please send it as a message from Ko-fi.
See the other answers for the general questions.

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