Donation for the victims of the tornado in Kentucky

I always care about western fans because I couldn’t be today’s me without the Trading Card Game culture you’ve made. That’s why I went out from Japan to meet you and talk and live demonstration stages at the schools, museums, and pop culture events since 2016. I want to share what I got with people because it’s the gift I got from all the people who have supported me until today.

Project Overview

At the end of last year, one of the largest tornadoes in the history of the United States hit Kentucky, and I was asked if I could help support the victims of this disaster.
After discussing ways to help, I decided to donate the proceeds from the next auctioned painting, “Wildcat-Wild Turkey” at my store through Peace Winds Japan, a non-profit organization in Japan.

Kentucky tornado aftermath: At least 74 dead, over 100 still missing

Result Report

Here are the receipts.

I also filmed the entire donation process through Peace Winds Japan on Yahoo! Japan Internet Donation.

How to donate

I’ll use Yahoo Net Donation [Tornadoes in the U.S.] Emergency Relief for the Largest Damage in History (Peace Winds Japan)

Sales channels

Auction at Mitsuhiro Arita Original Correction.

Live streaming of the making.

Making Video on YouTube

Making video of the draft sketch in IGTV


We decided to do this project on the same day as we responded to a message. So, there might be something not well considered.
Please note that some people may have opinions about how to proceed or where to donate.
We will not be able to respond to individual comments on this matter.

We are not able to respond to all such requests.

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