Live Demo at The Sequential Artists Workshop at Gainesville, FL

June 8th(THU)  2017 6:00 PM  (60-90min)
at The Sequential Artists Workshop
710 SE 2 St, Gainesville, FL 32601

For the people who don’t know about me, here is the link for my Biography.

I’ll do Watercolor Live demo. I am not good at speaking in English, but I’ll show you my sketchbook (This is very rare chance) and my tools and talk at least about them.

This is the Live Demo event basically, so if you want to ask me signing or commission, please come to Ocala Comic Con. It’s right after this event, from June 10th – 11th. But for the people expect to get something, I’m planning the things below. Be sure, this could be changed until just before the event.

*I’ll sign for one item for one person and it’s free. But if you bring Pokémon Card, personalization is required.
*I’ll sign for the items that you brought. The signing fee is $5 / item. Be aware it doesn’t mean you can get another signed card.
*I’ll sell some of my products like Artbooks and prints. I’ll sign them for free.
*If you certainly come to Ocala Comic Con , You can place the order of the Commission. The price is from $60 for Black and White drawing on A4 size paper for example. The price is different depends on the style and subject.

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