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  1. Hi Mitsuhiro,

    I know youve heard this a million times, but i really love your work. I basically sold all of my cards and just bought a 1st edition Charizard that i had wanted since i was a kid. I hope to see you soon on your next coming event to this card of mine signed. Its not in its best condition. Cause the better ones cost too much, but you signing it would mean the world to me. And so i can pass it on to my son once i grow old. I love you! I love your work and More power to you! Il be sure to stay tuned on your next event. The farthest that i go was malaysia and china. But il sure to have my scheduled check to visit you. And have a photo together and ofcourse have my newly bought 1st edition charizard signed with the famous artwork.

    Yours truly,

    Your one big fan from the Philippines.
    Dexter Ong

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