Live event at Alachua County Library District at Gainesville, FL

June 8th(THU), 2017  1 PM  – 3 PM
at Alachua County Library District
401 E University Ave Gainesville, Florida, FL 32601

Please also check the official information.
Artist Visit: Mitsuhiro Arita
– article on the official blog of the library
Artist Visit: Mitsuhiro Arita – Event calendar of the library.

I’ll show images by the projector and use the computer in this event. I probably do easy Digital live demo too. If you interested in my Analog live demo, please check the another post too.

*I only sign for the children under 12. It’s free but personalization required.
*I think I can’t sell anything inside the library. So if you want to buy something please check Live demo at The Sequential Artists Workshop on the same day from 6 pm in Gainesville or Ocala Comic Con on the same weekend.
*Please be aware the plan would be changed until the last minute.

Live Demo at The Sequential Artists Workshop at Gainesville, FL

June 8th(THU)  2017 6:00 PM  (60-90min)
at The Sequential Artists Workshop
710 SE 2 St, Gainesville, FL 32601

For the people who don’t know about me, here is the link for my Biography.

I’ll do Watercolor Live demo. I am not good at speaking in English, but I’ll show you my sketchbook (This is very rare chance) and my tools and talk at least about them.

This is the Live Demo event basically, so if you want to ask me signing or commission, please come to Ocala Comic Con. It’s right after this event, from June 10th – 11th. But for the people expect to get something, I’m planning the things below. Be sure, this could be changed until just before the event.

*I’ll sign for one item for one person and it’s free. But if you bring Pokémon Card, personalization is required.
*I’ll sign for the items that you brought. The signing fee is $5 / item. Be aware it doesn’t mean you can get another signed card.
*I’ll sell some of my products like Artbooks and prints. I’ll sign them for free.
*If you certainly come to Ocala Comic Con , You can place the order of the Commission. The price is from $60 for Black and White drawing on A4 size paper for example. The price is different depends on the style and subject.

Gallery:Culdcept Revolt

As like I already mentioned in another article,  I have been a big fan of Culdcept and I’m very honored to be a part of it today. This series has a long history. The first one was released back in 1997 for SEGA SATURN.

In this Summer, on August 29th,  NIS AMERICA will release the latest one of this franchise Culdcept Revolt for 3DS in America and Europe.

Here are the pictures I founded on the Culdcept Revolt official twitter’s tweets. If you like them, I strongly recommend you try it.

I also made an artbook that contains 75 artworks with detailed comments about the creation + Making of the cover illustration. If you interested in, see also MITSUHIRO ARITA CULDCEPT ARTWORKS .


“Culdcept combines the familiar of a board game with the addictive strategy of a card battle game. Advance, retreat, and scheme to accumulate magic and defeat your opponent!” – Introduction from the official website.

Culdcept is one of my most important work. I had been working on this series since 2006 when they started developing the Culdcept SAGA for XBOX360. Since then, I drew about 100 cards until today.

MITSUHIRO ARITA CULDCEPT ARTBOOK contained 75 artworks of them. And I wrote the detailed comment about how I create them One by One.

Sorry, it is selling only in Japan, and the text is all Japanese. But I’m selling it at the event I’m attending. If you interested in, please check my future events.

Here is the sample. You can look inside a part of the book.

有田満弘 カルドセプト画集』 有田満弘著

By the way, Culdcept is the series of consumer video game and the first one was released in 1997 for SEGA SATURN. I have been a big fan of it from first one, and I’m very honored to be a part of it.

The latest one of the series is Culdcept Revolt for 3DS and will be released on August 29th. If you are the Fan of from one of the 3DSBoard GameTrading Card Game or Consumer Video Game,  I recommend checking the official website.