Japan Comic Art Expo 2018

川崎産業振興会館 / Kawasaki, Japan

This is an event for Comic Art Fans.
I’ll do signing, commission and live demo.
I don’t have any fixed oversea event schedule, so If you just want to get autograph, this one is the best for now.

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  1. Dear Master Arita,
    Would you consider allowing me to send a few of my prized 1st Edition America and first printing Japanese Pokemon cards to you for your autograph?
    I live in California, and I am unable to travel to the Japan Comic Art Expo 2018, do to my age.
    Respectfully yours,

  2. Hello Mr. Mitsuhiro Arita,

    I am planning on attending the event in Kawasaki for your signing. Do you by any chance know where to purchase tickets if you need to? I cannot seem to find them online that I can read. Thank you so much again for all of your art and being so kind. You brought my childhood to life.

    Bryan Steger

  3. Greetings Mr. Arita,

    I hope I can get a few answers. Plain and simple, I know you must get bombarded with autograph requests and all. So you probably have an autograph limit per person per event. If so,

    1. Is there a limit to the number of autographs a person can request per event (say, for example at the Expo in May)?

    2. Is there a charge to attend (ticket to enter) and charge per autograph?

    Many thanks.

    -Eduardo Ponce

    1. 1. There is no limitation on the number, but only ten for once. If you want more, You have to go back to the last of the line and wait for your order again. But if somebody who just wants to resell them, like request the autograph on the too many same cards will come there is the possibility make the limitation for the person.
      2. You need to buy the ticket. I don’t know anything when and how much is that, please ask that for the organizer. The cost for an autograph is $5 per item if you accept the personalized, $10 per item if you wouldn’t personalize. Also If you request small sketch with the autograph, that is $5 extra.

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